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"Blue Diamond Mines"
mountain dulcimer arrangement by
Terry Duggins.....BUY IT!

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Looking for a particular song? Check out Greg Grant's Song Review List.

ATTENTION:  Rod Westerfield passed away December 25, 2010.  He was a great man and helped everyone he touched in his life.  Rod never wanted much in return, he just gave and gave and spread the joy of his music and his faith.  One of Rod's projects was his Sacred Harp Hymns dulcimer tab book and accompanying cd, which he completed only weeks before his untimely passing, and had only just sold a few copies.  Rod's wife, Deb, plans to continue offering it for sale to those interested, and she said yes she will continue selling it if people want it.  So -- you can order this book/cd combination directly from Deb Westerfield. Rod's hymn teaching will continue on after him.  Click HERE for the ordering information.

Dulcimer Players/Publishers List

If yer an artist and if'n yea got a hankerin' to put yer name up in the big lights, give me a shout.
Either with the Gila Mountain Dulcimers e-mail link or by singing wire at 505.354.2086.
I will add your name and information to this list and do what I can to help you make the big time.

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"Joni Mitchell's Hits and Misses songbooks contain
some of the dulcimer tab to her Blue album.
I think that it was Ruth Barrett who tabbed it out."
All the best,
Lance Frodsham
Listen to the Sweetwater Folk Playlist here!
Folk music from the dulcimer world ... and beyond.
Music made on mountain and hammered dulcimers by the cool people who play them.
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Quarterly Magazines

DPN (Dulcimer Players News)
DPN Website

The journal for Hammered and Fretted Dulcimer enthusiasts.

Dulcimer Players News Magazine

Published by
Dan Landrum
Dulcimer Players News
P. O. Box 278
Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377
Call 423.886.3966
Subscriptions are $24.00 per year.
Dulcimers, events, dulcimer tales, art, articles, etc.

Studio Magazine

Quarterly journal of folk and international music and dance.

Studio Magazine

Published by
The Music Studio
412 South Myrtle Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016
Call 877/365-5744
Subscriptions are $22.00 per year.
Dulcimers, events, jewelry, book and CD reviews, articles,
and lots'a good stuff!
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