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"Faded Love"
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NOTE: Some of the following tabs were created with Tabledit. If you don't have Tabledit software and don't really know if you want to buy it, you can go to the Tabledit website and click on "Install" to install the TablEdit viewer. You can use the Viewer temporarily until you decide whether or not you want to buy Tabledit.

If you want to know whether or not a song is still in public domain,
just go to the Public Domain website and do a search for the song title.

Just click on the following links to get to the web sites. All this tab is great!!
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Dennis DenHartog's Site
(Also contemporary, popular,
and late music included.)
Alltabs - Dulcimer Tablature AllTabs - Dulcimer Tabs.php
Tull Glazener's site Linda Brockinton's site
She has free tab
for some of her beautiful music!
Terry Lewis' site
Books for both DAd and (baritone) ADA
so you can play together.
Barbara Gregory's Yahoo Group
(public domain dulcimer tab)
Merv Rowley's Site
(1-3-5 dulcimer tuning)
Mark Tindle's site
Doofus Web Site Tabledit Archives Joe Collins's site
Everything Dulcimer Site Margaret Wright's Site Maryland Mtn Dulcimer Society
(hosted by Greg Grant)
Folk Notes Chord Charts Dulcimer Sessions Site Steve Seifert's Site
JamFolk's Site
Scroll down on the left frame.
Look for the "New Tunes" link.
Peggy Carter's Site
Custom-made tab books for both
Mountain and Hammer Dulcimer.
Dogwood Dulcimer
Scroll down on the left frame.
Look for the "Tunes List" link.
Flash-based TablEdit Tutorials:
- Homepage & Index -
- Tutorials -
Tabledit Tutorials
(Contributed by Neal Walters.)
Chord Calculator

Webs Site e-Jamming - After a short software download, musicians from all over the world can play and record together online, and the software keeps everything in sync. There are some interesting video clips on the site that demonstrate the process.

Baritone Tablature! - Shelley Stephens has a baritone tablature book! Check out her website. Also see Terry Lewis' site for books with Dad and Baritone tunes so you can play them together.

Chord Wizard - This is a link to Tom Strothers' Dulcimer Chord Wizard page. A great tool to find chords on Mountain Dulcimer! Type in the chords you want and it figures them out for you!

This is a link to Gourd Music's listing of tunes by Neal Hellman. (Scroll down and look for the "Free Dulcimer Tab" link.)

Fretted Music   has a listing of music tablature for Dulcimer, Guitar and Mandolin!

Free Tabs Page   This web site has dulcimer tab and also tab for other instruments. You need Tabledit or the Tabledit Viewer to use them.

Yet Another Digital Tradition Page  has a lot of tab for the mountain dulcimer and the penny whistle. You can even put in whatever tuning you want and it will show it if it will work in the tuning you choose. It only shows the one-note melody line. You can embellish it from there.

Dulcimer Tab Search Page - There are currently over 3000 tunes listed from published dulcimer tab books and it references the name of the book and the page number.

Non-Dulcimer chords, lyrics and download sites:

Songs2Play   Dozens of songs listed with guitar chords and lyrics. (Not a dulcimer tab site.)

AllTabs - Folk Guitar   Dozens of folk songs listed for guitar/chords. (Not a dulcimer tab site.)

Bluegrass   Almost 1200 songs listed. This is a lyrics only site and not a dulcimer tab site.

Insurgent Country   Dozens of Country songs listed with some guitar chords and lyrics. (Not a dulcimer tab site.)

Danmans Music   This is a public service library of user submitted interpretations of popular songs in the form of tab, lyrics, chord charts and other learning files. Not necessarily a dulcimer site (mostly guitar).

The Library of Congress has a nifty webpage called American Sheet Music, 1820-1885. Gif files you can download of some of the thousands of songs in their collection. You can find it here:   American Sheet Music

Shape Note Music Listings - Lots of on-line hymns!

Below are FREE SHEET MUSIC song lists: (not dulcimer tablature sites)
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